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Monday Jul 05, 2010

The future

Earlier this year we asked how you would like to stay engaged and how Connect for Reform could most effectively serve you. The response was overwhelmingly positive. We found most of you feel Connect for Reform would continue to be a valuable tool as the AAFP shifts from focusing on securing health reform to securing family medicine’s future. As a result, we’ve decided to continue the program and change its name to Connect for Family Medicine.

While we hope that the health reform legislation is a good step forward in improving health care in this country, there are several issues of concern to Family Medicine that are subject to either legislative or regulatory action. As a member of Connect for Family Medicine, you’ll be informed and provided opportunities to take action.

Stay tuned to Connect for Family Medicine for the latest developments on issues important to family medicine. Also, feel free to submit your comments and suggestions for future content via the comments section on the blog.


Hopefully everyone has now seen the ACGME's proposal (article in NEJM online)regarding the new residency hour restrictions. Whether you feel this is a good thing or not the time is very short to share your opinion before this challenge becomes real. Comments will be accepted (per the NEJM article) only until Aug 9, 2010. It is particularly important to share your thoughts if you are concerned about the restrictions on intern call hours ( to 16 hours per shift). These proposed changes will certainly affect the future of medicine and your opinion should be shared. You can log onto after reading the article. Click on the link to new rules. Then go to the top and click on "proposed standards." Go below the timeline section. In the middle column is "proposed 2011 requirements". If you place your cursor on the middle column and move it over to the blank right hand column a red bar will appear and then you can comment. Quite a confusing website. Please share your opinions and invite any and all ( public is apparently welcome, too) to comment.

Posted by bryan campbell on July 09, 2010 at 12:03 PM CDT #

Since my days as pres. of AAFP i have become increasingly concerned about the erosion of the dr/pt relationship. The intrusion of administrators,insurance co's etc is serious , but now is critical! note editorial "wall street journal" 12/july/10 entitled "who pays for ObamaCare?". P 8 in part says,"And his main stance was that individual clinical choices must be suordinated to government central planning to serve his view------ " Please define dr/pt relationship; identify its components; and treat each one as a Trip-wire in all negotiations. thanks. Bob taylor ( past pres 86/87)

Posted by robert h taylor md on July 12, 2010 at 02:50 PM CDT #

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