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Wednesday Aug 04, 2010

We’re still here fighting

Please stay with us as we turn our attention to the future of family medicine. Join Connect for Family Medicine by selecting, Yes! I want to join AAFP Connect for Family Medicine, in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

This members-only advocacy program will update you regularly about our advocacy work – and let you know how you can help in easy, efficient ways.

Issues that Connect for Family Medicine will cover include:

  • Physician payment (including the primary care bonus)
  • Patient-Centered Medical Home, Accountable Care Organizations, and Other Practice Models
  • Medicaid Primary Care Payment Parity with Medicare
  • Graduate Medical Education
  • Health Information Technology and Quality Reporting
  • Comprehensive Medical Tort Reform
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research and Primary Care Research
Thank you for your support of a secure future for family medicine.


I am very saddened that AAFP seems to have gone the way of AMA and AARP. I read several of the comments posted on the blogs for recent issues and it seems from the few comments, AAFP is not representing its members-it is representing its own existance. Several commentors asked for a membership survey to evaluate the members' views. Has AAFP done this before it spews its support to unpopular and unConstitutional bills? I ask for you to look at your "HR 3200 Talking Points" paper. It is clearly pointed for the dissemination of unverifiable falsehoods or, at best, true but rare poor outcomes. None of which are likely to be corrected by the break down of our current system and building of one that has failed in every other country or state that has attempted it. Read the talking points!- Do you still stand by them now that the bill has passed?? Now you wish for members to support you on other issues (many of which are moot now) like "Comprehensive Medical Tort Reform", "Physician Payment" and "medicare/medicaid parity". Were it not for your CME section and no other competing organization I know of, I would have been gone from your roles. The AAFPs political stances do not bode well with me, and I surmise the majority of members too.

Posted by Saddened FP on August 04, 2010 at 11:06 AM CDT #

Merck recently (about 6 months ago) went up on its price of Pneumovax CPT code 90732. I have just ordered a multidose vial of 10 shots for $438.15. This price includes a group discount of $72.39 from Atlantic Healthpartners who I believe the GAFP recommends and a prompt payment discount. It appears that I lose $6.21 on each Pneumovax I give to each MEDICARE patient. Please share this information with the Immunization committee at GAFP. Sincerely, Dr. Snyder

Posted by Alex Snyder on August 04, 2010 at 02:25 PM CDT #

So encouraging to see that the LAST entry in the "Health Care Reform Intel" was January, 2010 (now that it's August). We're still here, says AAFP. Where? Are you lost? In a time warp? Glad AAFP is looking out for my professional interests! Can't even afford to give vaccines anymore. Keep up the good work. We'll soon have no need for an AAFP.

Posted by Drew McIntosh on August 05, 2010 at 08:52 PM CDT #

I am concerned about physicians who graduate and take time off for family or ill children who are now being obstructed from joining Family Medicine Residencies despite having passed all of their exams. I am aware of at least one female MD who is an Alpha Omega Alpha graduate of an Ameriacan Medical School who took time off after school to deal with her autistic son. Now that he has overcome many of his deficits, she is ready to do primary care in a Family Medicine residency. Despite passing all of her exams under the NBME exams, she is denied the opportunity to do a residency until she RETAKES all of her exams, according to the new USMLE board. She stands at the door of a primary care residency as a fully qualified doctor and is being denied entrance, meanwhile there is a shortage of 40,000 primary care doctors. Can the AAFP look at this situation? There are probably other mothers out there who are being denied access at a time when every new Family Physician is needed. It is absurd to stonewall and punish this woman because she cared for her son.

Posted by Ray Breitenbach MD MS on August 06, 2010 at 08:54 PM CDT #

Saddened FP: I agree completely with you. The AAFP has become like the AMA and AARP in that they do not represent their members. Where is the survey? Let's see what the members of the AAFP believe.

Posted by Eric Floyd, MD on August 13, 2010 at 04:07 PM CDT #

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