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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Osteopathic match program shows some gain for family medicine

Family medicine continued to attract the highest number of specialty residents in this year's American Osteopathic Association match program, increasing 9 percent over the previous year.

According to statistics provided by National Matching Services Inc., 472 students received positions for family medicine programs this year, compared with 433 in 2012.

The next closest specialty was internal medicine, which saw the number of matched residents rise 8.9 percent from 369 to 402.

A total of 1,891 osteopathic medical school students participated in this year's matching program, up 7 percent from last year.

The much larger National Resident Matching Program, which primarily deals with allopathic medical school students, will release its results the week of March 11th.

In 2012, family medicine saw an increase in the number of positions filled in the match, but the majority of matched positions were in non-primary-care subspecialties.

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