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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tips on rebuilding practice after Sandy

As residents along the East Coast continue to clear away the debris left behind by Hurricane Sandy, many physicians in those communities are having to repair or even rebuild their practices.

Family Practice Management dealt with the challenges of recovering from natural disasters in an article in its May/June 2012 issue.

Among the key preparations discussed was maintaining off-site backup copies of your electronic health records so you don’t have to rebuild your patient records from scratch.

Once the storm has passed, however, the authors said the most important thing is to focus on reorganizing your own life first as that sense of normalcy will make it easier to deal with the business recovery.

As for the practice itself, doctors and/or practice managers should be prepared to work out of temporary quarters for some time, organize after-hours and weekend cleanup efforts, and deal with a crunch on collections as patients also affected by the storm may be slow to pay their bills.

For more tips on what a family medicine practice should do after a disaster, visit this American Academy of Family Physicians checklist: Actions to Take After a Disaster.

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